My Version of an Easter Sunday Sermon

by Nikki Mark

Colorful Easter eggs and spring flowers arrangement.

Last month, I wrote about how viewing the world from a new perspective can be a superpower when it comes to healing. In this article, I shared how my lifelong fear of religion and religious symbols miraculously transmuted into wonder the moment when I least expected it.

Given that today is Easter Sunday—one of the oldest and most widely celebrated religious holidays around the world—I thought I’d lend another fresh perspective on the Holy Cross that a trusted friend recently shared with me. I knew the minute I heard it that I had to pass it on to you.

This article is not about religion.

In fact, the friend who gave me the following perspective is not at all religious (just like I’m not). It was only after a difficult loss in his life that he found comfort in a spiritual practice that included studying with a healer who channeled spiritual teachings.

(I know, I know… 🙄… but keep reading!)

The idea that a human can channel the voice of a divine being and communicate messages from the sacred world for our benefit in this physical world is simply too much for the human mind to grasp.

But have you ever seen bestselling author Paul Selig channel “his guides”? Or, have you read Shirley MacLaine’s memoir Out on a Limb and heard about her experience with trance-channeling?

I have—and they make me think there actually could be something to it.

But regarding the story I’m about to tell, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in channelers or not… nor does it matter if you are religious, or not. This interpretation of the Holy Cross was given to my friend by a divine channeler who considers it a “non-religious” and “spiritual teaching” for all.

Now, let’s begin.

“Imagine that the vertical line of the Cross represents our connection to the divine,” my friend instructed me. “Some like to call this divine connection ‘God.’ Others call it the Universe, Divine Mother, or Spirit. Call it whatever you want—the name doesn’t matter. It’s that something many of us believe is guiding and protecting us, but we aren’t sure what.”

“Okay,” I said, sitting up straight and imagining that something running straight through the crown of my head and down to the bottom of my feet.

“Now, imagine that the horizontal line of the Cross symbolizes our connection to humanity,” he continued. “It represents each of our arms extended straight out to the side, our hands connecting one by one across this physical plane as if we are one.”

The image was so powerful that my eyes started to water.

“The symbol of the Cross can be viewed as a representation of the relationship between the physical and divine worlds,” he further explained. “And the exact point where the horizontal and vertical lines of the Cross meet—is the heart.”

A chill shot through me that felt both old and new at the very same time.

“The heart,” my friend’s channeler said, “is the pathway to truth. It’s a pathway of miracles. And it’s a pathway to deeper revelation.”

As my mind considered the possibilities, something deep inside me was moved.

After all, it’s in my heart where I feel Tommy every second of the day. It’s in my heart where I find the words to write. And it’s in my heart where I balance between living with my younger son in this world and honoring my older son in the other—and where it feels like the physical and sacred worlds connect inside of me.

Now, when I see a Holy Cross hanging around someone’s neck or gracing the top of a church, I still see a “T” in every Cross and a Cross in every “T,” as I described in last month’s article. But my heart also skips a beat because instead of seeing a dogmatic religious symbol, I feel a deeper connection begin to activate.

In her memoir, Shirley MacLaine reported that a channeler named Kevin had once told her: “Whatever one thinks of channeling invisible spirit guides, it is an individual decision. People usually ‘know’ whether it feels reasonable or not. You’ll have to make up your own mind.”

Of course, this applies to any given perspective. That’s why we are the only ones who know when we’ve found the right one. We literally “feel” it for ourselves.

So… you’ll either find this spiritual interpretation of the Holy Cross intriguing, or you won’t. It will either stick to you or instantly disappear like a good (or bad!) dream in the middle of the night.

But setting all religious symbols aside—if we can just imagine for a moment that the heart is where the physical and spiritual worlds meet, then perhaps by opening and nurturing them more often, we can achieve what my friend’s channeler said we could, and humanity can take a giant quantum leap forward in this lifetime.

Wouldn’t that be an incredible Easter Sunday miracle for all?

No matter what you believe, enjoy the day!

And if your heart starts nudging you to pay more attention to it and nibbling on chocolate bunnies doesn’t do the trick, then it’s my sincere hope that this divine perspective helps you better understand what it truly wants.

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