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“A true story of transformation…a gift to a world in need of healing.”

– Laura Dern

“This is a winner”

– Publisher’s Weekly

TOMMY’S FIELD: Love, Loss, and the Goal of a Lifetime

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100% of author’s proceeds from book sales are being donated to the TM23 Foundation to build more Tommy’ Fields in neighborhoods that need them most.

Why I Wrote this Book

In 2018, my eldest son Tommy went to sleep one night and never woke up.  We still don’t have a medical reason why.

Without a religious or spiritual background, I fell back on my entrepreneurial experience working for high powered start-up companies in Los Angeles, and I searched for alternative ways to heal my broken heart.

Tommy loved playing soccer. So, my family and our community decided to bring that love to as many children as possible by building a public athletic field in his name for children to play on. It became a drama I never expected.

But we did it.

I don’t wish this experience upon anyone, but I do wish for everyone all that I have learned.

So I wrote Tommy’s Field to help others learn of the power of play and community to heal and unite.

It is from my heart to yours.

“Former marketing executive Mark’s inspiring debut memoir details her efforts to turn a neglected Los Angeles park into an athletic field to honor her late son. After 12-year-old Tommy died in his sleep in 2018—the cause remains unknown—a grieving Mark set out to “transform my suffering into a joyful and meaningful life, and inspire Tommy’s heartbroken younger brother… to do the same.”

She soon decided to convert a rundown section of the Westwood Recreation Center into “Tommy’s Field,” to memorialize her son’s love of soccer. While Mark sought funds for the project, she battled angry neighbors, who denounced her efforts at seven public hearings and on a website created to oppose the plan, arguing that the area couldn’t handle an influx of visitors.

Through the long, contentious approval process, Mark saw signs that convinced her Tommy’s spirit was guiding her forward, including the coincidental scheduling of the field’s groundbreaking on the 47th anniversary of the original park’s opening. The author’s unwavering commitment to the project will inspire readers looking to productively channel their own grief. This is a winner.”

– Publisher’s Weekly

Sometimes what brings us the most pain can be the source of our greatest inspiration.

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Advance Praise:


I met Nikki while on a retreat, and she nicely shared her manuscript with me. I read it in 4 days. I have never read another book like it. The riveting stories, discovering her own healing path, and her connection to Tommy, her departed son, who helped her accomplish amazing things from beyond. What did she accomplish? The ability to breathe again, and a legacy project that truly has butterfly wings, with a ripple effect that is being felt everywhere. 

Jen Boulden
Solvang, CA


In a time where healing ourselves seems like it’s never been more needed, Nikki’s guide is a “must-read.” Bravely sharing her deeply personal experience of grief and inspiring commitment to growth offers much-needed lightness and hope that transformation is always possible. I will be recommending this to my clients.

Leslie Carson Aria, Licensed Counselor
San Francisco, CA


I am lucky enough to have not lost someone close to me, however, my family relations are very tense due to different political views, and well, a lot of smaller traumas that have added up over the years. I luckily found [Nikki’s] tips for surviving the holidays, and now feel equipped to not just suffer through them, but also reframe them as a time for healing myself and my relationships.

Jen Pashley
Atlanta, GA


Nikki Mark has introduced me to countless resources that I hadn’t known were available and initially was hesitant to consider. In the darkest moment of my life, I called on her for help. She expanded my consciousness and in turn helped me save my daughter and eventually myself.  She has served as my Divine Messenger.

Michelle Fullerton
Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
Los Angeles, CA

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