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“I do not wish my experience upon anyone, but I do wish for everyone all that I’ve learned.”

“This guide couldn’t have come at a more important time for healing in the spiritual evolution of humanity.”

Andy Petranek, Los Angeles

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After my son passed away, I embarked on a mission to heal my heart. In my darkest hour, I decided that talk therapy wouldn’t work fast enough and prescription meds wouldn’t work deep enough. So, I searched high and low for alternative healing methods that spoke to my spirit and had the potential to heal my soul.

My journey has included thousands of books and articles; countless hours with healers, teachers, and doctors; and nearly every spare minute in between exploring my own self.

I am often asked to share my healing journey, so I’ve created multiple resources for others in need.

I now share with you my top 10 favorite healing modalities — from ancient to alternative. I hope my way of healing helps you find yours.

What Real People Are Saying


In a time where healing ourselves seems like it’s never been more needed, Nikki’s guide is a “must-read.” Bravely sharing her deeply personal experience of grief and inspiring commitment to growth offers much-needed lightness and hope that transformation is always possible. I will be recommending this to my clients.

Leslie Carson Aria, Licensed Counselor
San Francisco, CA


I love that this guide provides non-traditional, alternative, yet ancient therapy that opens you up to go deeper without getting swallowed up or dependent on something external. All of the personal and practical information also provides a truly helpful point of reference. Nikki is a beautiful writer, and thanks to her I have learned not only that I have the power to heal myself on my own terms, but I’ve also learned the language of hope.

Pepper Edmiston
Founder, Camp Good Times and Happy Trails for Kids
Los Angeles, CA


Nikki’s vulnerability and courage to share her journey and experience has been invaluable to me.  I had some of my own healing experiences but had a hard time connecting them clearly.  Nikki’s clarity helped me build a road map to hope, something I never believed I could find. It has changed my life and continues to influence me to keep showing up in my life and guiding me how to do that.

Lesley Hu
Executive VP, Waterfront Global
San Francisco, CA


I knew Nikki’s eldest son, Tommy. After his passing, I watched her journey and witnessed her re-emerge to build her eldest son’s legacy and survive for her younger son by building athletic fields to memorialize his spirit of play. I knew I had to learn how she did it. This guide is filled with magic, and thanks to it, I too have explored some powerful alternative healing. My only regret is I didn’t open my mind (and heart) sooner. Thank you Nikki!

Chris Rios, Hairstylist
Los Angeles, CA


Nikki Mark has introduced me to countless resources that I hadn’t known were available and initially was hesitant to consider. In the darkest moment of my life, I called on her for help. She expanded my consciousness and in turn helped me save my daughter and eventually myself.  She has served as my Divine Messenger.

Michelle Fullerton
Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
Los Angeles, CA


In this very simple and practical guide, I love how Nikki takes the very broad, amorphous, and often woo woo topic of “healing” and distills it down into 10 distinct methods, that are clearly defined and actionable. Even the woo woo topics weren’t too woo woo! This is a guide that is useful for everyone, and it couldn’t come at a more important time for healing in the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Andy Petranek
Life, Leadership, and Performance Coach
Los Angeles, CA

About Nikki

In 2018, my eldest son Tommy went to sleep one night and unexpectedly never woke up. Healing to honor my eldest son and truly live again for my younger one became a daily mission.

I do not consider myself a ‘grief expert’ or a ‘healer.” Nor have I ever been religious or all that spiritual prior to experiencing loss five years ago. I had few tools and was left to figure life out. While I don’t wish my circumstances upon anyone, I do wish for everyone all that I have learned about healing, transformation, and the attainment of inner-peace.

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No Rx Needed

“Nikki Mark’s inspiring debut memoir…is a winner.”

– Publisher’s Weekly

In 2018, Nikki Mark’s healthy twelve-year-old-son Tommy went to sleep one night and never woke up. Nikki went into a state of shock and her body quickly started to deteriorate, but she had to be there for her remaining family. Without a religious or spiritual background, she relied on the one skill she could still access — the ability to figure it out.

Along her unconventional journey, Nikki discovered something surprising: that if we’re open to the possibilities, grieving offers a unique opportunity to access life’s magic.

From raising over $1,000,000 to build an athletic field in her son’s name, to working with diverse (and sometimes divisive) players in Los Angeles to get it approved, to exploring every kind of healing modality from mediation to mushrooms, Nikki now shares the intimate details of navigating grief with purpose and action – and a little coaching from beyond.

“This true story of transformation is a gift to a world so desperately in need of healing.  May it inspire us to open our minds to the magic of life, death, and the journey in-between.”

Laura Dern, Actor

TM23 Foundation

Nikki and Doug Mark’s son, Tommy, was an infectious spirit who united people of all kinds through his spirit of play. Tommy passed away unexpectedly at 12 years old in April 2018, but his impact keeps growing.

To date the TM23 Foundation has raised over $2.6 million and gifted two state-of-the-art soccer/multipurpose athletic fields to Los Angeles for the benefit of children to play on. “Tommy’s Fields” are for everyone, and a place where Tommy and his passion for sports will always be remembered.

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Mug Love ❤️

Want a sweet daily reminder to access the magic of play?

For a limited time, when you make a donation to the TM23 Foundation (of $100 or more) this gorgeous, handmade mug will be your daily reminder of the healing powers of PLAY!

All TM23 donations go toward building and maintaining more Tommy’s Fields, and support our mission to help children learn, grow and engage with their communities through the magic of play.

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