Cleaning House…Literally!

by Nikki Mark

House Cleansing Ritual

2024 is around the corner and for many people it’s “New Year’s resolution” time.  For me, it’s “Space Cleansing Ritual” time!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you are in for a mind-opening treat. 

Unlike New Year’s resolutions, which require commitment and repetition to fulfill and sustain, space cleansing rituals work faster and easier, and produce some pretty miraculous results.

Sound like magic? It kinda is.

Here’s how I know.

Four years ago, my family decided to sell our house.  My eldest son had passed away in his sleep a year earlier, and my husband, younger son and I all agreed it was time to move. Our real estate broker was concerned the house may not sell so quickly given what had occurred in it (as well as the fact that it was small for the neighborhood). 

 “Let’s do a house cleansing ritual!!” offered the acupuncturist who was using needles to move the grief clogging my lungs.

“What’s a house cleansing ritual?” I asked.

“Your house has absorbed a lot of emotions this year, just like you have,” she explained. “Emotions are energy, and energy sticks to things, including the walls in our home and the air between them.  Let’s cleanse the energy of your home, lift its frequency, and get this house ready for a new owner.  You don’t want prospective buyers subconsciously feeling everything this house has been through.”  

I figured it was worth a try. So, a few days later she came over and got started.

“Each room has a different energy,” she explained as she assessed my house.  “It depends on the thoughts and emotions being processed in each one of them.”

Given her degree in Chinese Medicine and Mystic Studies, I knew she was an expert in human energy.  But now, I had learned that she’s part of a rare breed who not only feels all kinds of energy, but even sees it.

As she roamed from room to room, I watched her mix salt, alcohol and fire with native tobacco and dried resins, leaving them to crackle and burn until each flame burned out and signaled that the dark energy had been transmuted and was now lighter, brighter, and easier to move through.   With the help of mystic tools (including a cauldron, charcoal tablets, and some stones and feathers) she then blessed each space with the highest of intentions for my family, as well as the future owner.

Four hours later, the job was done, and I could feel my house buzzing.

“Sometimes a house holds negative energy from previous owners,” she explained. “Other times it’s the land upon which it sits that has a problem.  Usually, it’s our thoughts and day-to-day interactions between family members that create toxins in the house, which travel through the air and dampen the mood.  In your case, a lot of people have been in your home this past year sharing a wide spectrum of emotions.  The energy of the house was dark and heavy.  The house feels so much brighter now and is ready to be sold.”

I took her word for it and promptly forgot about it until the following afternoon, when our real estate broker called during our first open house. 

“What did you do to this house?!” she asked my husband with enthusiasm.

“What do you mean?” my husband responded.

“It’s feels completely different,” she marveled. “It’s like a party in here. The house has been full of people all day long and they won’t leave.  Everyone says the “energy” of the house feels fantastic.”       

“My wife did a house cleansing ritual,” my husband proudly responded, forgetting how skeptical he was about it until that moment.

To everyone’s surprise, except for my acupuncturist’s, the house received multiple offers and was in escrow a week later.

The shift in energy was so instantaneous and powerful that I got the urge to do my own house cleansing rituals from time to time.  My acupuncturist told me which tools I needed and taught me an introductory technique.  She also referred me to a mystic shop and some online sites where I could gather more information and grow my practice in a way that feels right to me.  

[If you want to learn more about how to do this for yourself, be sure to see the PS below!]

At the end of every year, when my house feels ready for a deeper cleanse, she still comes over to help me clear out old vibrations and make space for new ones.  Each time, I feel the frequency of my home lift and pull me and my family up with it.

For obvious reasons, I kept my annual space cleansing ritual mostly to myself until just a few months ago, when my husband and his real estate partner were commiserating over a house they had built and were trying to sell.  

“It’s been over two months, and we haven’t received a single bite on this house,” I heard my husband complain. “It doesn’t make sense.  The house is beautiful. It’s in a great neighborhood.  But it has no vibe.  No one is calling. No one is coming to look at it. No one has even made a low-ball offer.  I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong with it.”   

When I shared this information with my acupuncturist later that evening her eyes lit up when she said, “Let’s do another house cleansing ritual!”

“You think it will help?” I asked.

“100%,” she said with a stroke of confidence.  “There must be something going on there energetically that’s failing to attract potential buyers.”

“I’m in,” my husband responded when we presented the idea to him.  “Do your mumbo jumbo and let’s see if it works. I’m getting desperate.”

A week later, my acupuncturist ventured over to the property and spent the day assessing, cleansing, and lifting the energy of this brand new home.   

“It doesn’t matter how new or pretty the home is,” she reported. “The land on which it sits is not happy.”

She proceeded to bury crystals in all four corners of the yard, burn carefully selected resins in each room, and make very specific tobacco offerings to the indigenous tribe that first owned the land back in the day.

“The house was felt empty and soulless,” she reported the following day.  “Now the energy of the home is light and fresh.  It will not take long to sell.”

Within two weeks, the house had received multiple offers.  One was accepted, with a “backup” offer to boot.

“You’re a magician!” my husband reported back to my acupuncturist.  “There is no other reason this house sold. The broker was the same. The price was the same. Even interest rates were the same. The only thing we did differently was your cleansing ritual.”  

More than satisfied, my acupuncturist moved on to her next client who hired her to cleanse the energy of a Hollywood hotel with a long sordid history that could use a good energy scrub.   

👉 Now, I’m not telling you all this because I think a space cleansing ritual will make you lose weight, kick an addiction, or help you achieve any other traditional New Year’s resolution.  But if you want to call in something new this year and not have to work so hard at it, consider treating yourself to a space cleansing ritual, rebooting your home or office, and giving your energy field a fresh start. 👈

Energy is contagious – we all know that.  When we engage in activities that raise the frequency of energy on the outside, it helps raise our frequency on this inside – and vice versa. 

There are many ways to achieve this.   A space cleansing ritual is simply one. Given the New Year is approaching, I just had to tell you about it.

P.S. Please join me this Thursday, January 4th at 11 a.m. for an Instagram Live session with Dr. Sheila Marie Campbell to learn more about space cleansing rituals. We’ll talk about different approaches to this practice for your home or office, as well as the many benefits.  More info below!

6 thoughts on “Cleaning House…Literally!”

  1. Wonderful piece, Nikki .
    It resonated with me like any of your stories.
    One day I will tell you what makes me feel our lives somehow collide.
    One day because even for me it’s too much to process.

    Sending you love and light .



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