About Nikki

In 2018, my eldest son Tommy went to sleep one night and unexpectedly never woke up.  We still don’t really know why. I searched high and low for ways to heal my broken heart; heal from unimaginable grief; and heal from not only losing someone I love beyond words, but also the life I had and the person I used to be.

I have learned that in order to heal our world we must first be willing to heal ourselves.   We all have wounds and regardless of the circumstances, it’s still up to us to endure and heal them. 

Given my career working for high powered start-up companies in Los Angeles, I fell back on my entrepreneurial ways and embarked on an unconventional healing journey that gave me hope, sparked my curiosity and soothed my soul. 

I now share all that I have learned along the way for the benefit of others, for no one should have to endure a loss like mine to experience all that I now know about life…death…and the adventure of love in-between.

If we’re wide open to the possibilities, fully addressing our own wounds offers a unique opportunity to grow and become ‘even more human’ —  and that’s where the magic begins.

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