No Rx Needed

by Nikki Mark

Love is Medicine

(Try this at Home!)

Earlier this year, I initiated a personal experiment that I urge everyone to try.

In January, I was feeling sick and decided it was worth a doctor’s visit. Whatever illness I had, it wasn’t heading in the right direction, and I wanted to test to see if an antibiotic might help expedite my recovery.

When I walked into my doctor’s office that morning, I saw him standing behind his receptionist at the front desk. I hadn’t seen him in a year and greeted him with a smile.

“Where is your mask?” he lashed out, ignoring pleasantries.

“What do you mean?” I asked, my throat aching and my nose completely stuffed.

“It’s the law!” he exclaimed, throwing up his arms in disgust. “You gotta wear a mask!”

“What law?” I questioned. I already had three vaccination shots coursing through my veins, and as far as I knew, my city had rescinded its indoor mask rule many months back.

“Well, you are sick! You should be wearing a mask in a doctor’s office!”

“Okay, I didn’t know that,” I responded, feeling ignorant. “I’m happy to wear a mask if you have one for me,” I added.

His receptionist gave me a mask, and then I followed her into the treatment room.

My doctor arrived a few minutes later and gave me the third degree.

“How long have you been sick?”

A week.

“Who else in the family has been sick?”

My younger son.

“Has he been tested for COVID?”



“At home. We did two separate tests a few days apart. He’s negative.”

“Those tests aren’t accurate!” he shouted.

“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling the degree of anger he was spewing at me was rather displaced.

And then he began to rant.

First, he went off on a tangent about how home COVID tests don’t work well and why. Then he said it was highly possible my son did have COVID even though his symptoms were mild, and he was now feeling fine. As the pace of his words gained speed, fear spewed out of his mouth for what felt like two minutes straight.

He forgets I lost a child, I thought to myself. I’m not scared of viruses. I’m not scared of laws. And I’m certainly not scared of him.

As more seconds rolled by and my body heated up, I considered not saying a word and simply walking out. That’ll show him! But then another part of me surfaced, anxious to confront him, tell him to chill out, and demand that he speaks to me like a respectable human being.

Is he really talking to me like this? I asked myself on the verge of exasperation.

Fortunately, I had read hundreds of books on healing, trauma, and spirituality; worked with countless healers; and experienced enough human transformation to know that there was something valuable for me to learn from this situation, and it was worth figuring out what.

“What would love do?” doctor, educator, and best-selling author Joe Dispenza would recommend I ask myself, as he does in his incredibly thought-provoking book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon.

Without any further internal debate, I decided to find out.

I’m just going to sit here and send my doctor love, I told myself. I’m going to open my heart, tap into all the love that I feel for my boys, and send it straight through to his heart.

As my doctor ranted on and on, I stared into his eyes, pretending to hinge upon his every word while privately initiating a dialogue between his heart and mine.

I’m sending you love, my heart spoke to his, feeling incredibly awkward. Whatever you are so upset about, I know it’s not me. I am sending you love to help you heal. I am sending you love to help you feel better. I wish nothing but love for you and your family.

On and on, my heart rambled in cadence with his rant, until chills manifested inside my chest and spread through my body.

Suddenly, I felt a barrier of love growing around me like an invisible bubble protecting me from his emotions and neutralizing his words before they could penetrate.

Dr. Joe Dispenza would be proud, I joked to myself.

Not less than sixty seconds later, the volume of my doctor’s voice miraculously lowered, his tone changed, and without me saying a single audible word the entire time, he lightened up and started talking about his family, some vacation they took, and even a wedding being planned for one is his children. When he asked me about my family and took a sincere interest in my life, I knew that my experiment was successful, and we were back on track.

I could hardly believe it myself.

When I walked out of his office twenty minutes later, my body was cool, my heart was warm, and although my throat was still killing me and I didn’t get the antibiotics for which I was hoping, my soul had received a lifetime of medicine for which no prescription was needed.

2 thoughts on “No Rx Needed”

  1. Thanks for being patient with doc knowing that his rant had nothing to do with you but with what was going on his head. I loved how you poured love into his heart that created a healing for you both. I will practice your technique.
    Gratitude for you Nikki.


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