No Rx Needed

by Nikki Mark

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(Try this at Home!)

At the beginning of 2023, I conducted a personal experiment that wasn’t really planned. During a moment of unexpected conflict with one of my doctors, I became so upset that I wanted to run out of his office and never return. But instincts told me to do the exact opposite, so I decided to see how that would play out.

I wrote about this experience, and some of you (early-day subscribers 🫶) reported back that you had tried the same technique and also had positive results. So today, with so many new subscribers here – and because I find it takes continual practice to integrate new life-skills – I am sharing this story again. I’ve added more insights this time, however, as I continue learning and sharing what I think will benefit all our hearts.

When this story originally took place, I was feeling sick and decided to see a doctor. Whatever bug I had, it was only getting worse. 

When I walked into my doctor’s office that day, I saw him standing behind his receptionist at the front desk. I hadn’t seen him in a year, given the COVID pandemic and so I greeted him with a hearty smile.

“Where is your mask?” he lashed out, ignoring pleasantries.

“What do you mean?” I asked, my throat aching, my nose completely stuffed, and my nerves suddenly on edge.

“It’s the law!” he exclaimed, throwing up his arms in disgust. “You gotta wear a mask!”

“What law?” I questioned. Three vaccination shots were already coursing through my veins, and as far as I knew, my city had rescinded its indoor mask rule many months back.

“Well, you are sick! You should be wearing a mask in a doctor’s office!”   

“Okay, I didn’t know that,” I responded, feeling somewhat embarrassed. “I’m happy to wear a mask if you have one for me.”

His receptionist gave me a light blue mask, and I followed her into the treatment room.

A few minutes later, my doctor came in and gave me the third degree.

“How long have you been sick?” he asked.

“A week,” I replied.

“Who else in the family has been sick?”

“My younger son.”

“Has he been tested for COVID?”



“At home. We did two separate tests a few days apart. He’s negative.”

“Those tests aren’t accurate!” he shouted.

“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling the degree of anger he was spewing at me was rather displaced.

Then he began to rant.

First, he went off on a tangent about how home COVID tests don’t work well and why. Then he said it was highly possible my son did have COVID, even though his symptoms were mild and he was now feeling fine. As the pace of his words sped up, fear-driven vitriol leaked from the corners of his mouth for at least two long minutes straight. 

He forgets I lost a child, I thought. I’m not scared of viruses. I’m not scared of laws. And I’m certainly not scared of him.  

As my body heated up and I searched for meaning in that moment, I considered walking out without another word. That’ll show him! I told myself.

But then another part of me surfaced that wanted to confront him, tell him to “chill out,” and demand that he lower his voice and speak to me like a respectable human being. 

Feeling conflicted, I asked myself, Why is he talking to me like this?  

Fortunately, by that time I had read hundreds (at least!) of books on healing, trauma, and spirituality. I had worked with countless healers. And I had endured enough human pain and transformation to know there was something valuable to learn from this situation… it would just take some resourcefulness to figure out what that was.

“What would love do?” I asked myself – just as doctor, educator, and best-selling author Joe Dispenza recommends in his incredibly thought-provoking book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon.      

Without any further internal debate, I decided to find out.

I’m just going to sit here and send my doctor the energy of love, I decided. I’m going to open my heart, tap into all the love that I feel for my two boys, and send that vibration straight through his heart.

It all felt so silly. But Quantum Physics was teaching me that everything is energy – including our bodies, thoughts, and feelings. It also teaches that some energy fields vibrate at higher frequencies than others depending on their measurable impact on the world.

This is why love is more powerful than hate. One uplifts life; the other weakens it.

So then… as my doctor expelled an unsettling amount of anger toward me, I made a conscious decision to stare into his eyes, ignore his words, and initiate a silent dialogue between his heart and mine.

I’m sending you love, my heart spoke to his. Whatever you are so upset about, I know it’s not me. I am sending you love to help you heal. I am sending you love to help you feel better. I wish nothing but love for you and your family.

I repeated this over and over until chills manifested inside my chest and spread throughout the rest of my body.   

Suddenly, I felt a barrier of love growing around me like an invisible bubble, shielding me from his emotions and neutralizing his words before they could penetrate.

Dr. Joe Dispenza would be proud, I joked with myself.

To my surprise, no more than sixty seconds later, the volume of my doctor’s voice lowered, his tone changed, and without me saying a single audible word the entire time, he lightened up and started talking about his family, some vacation they’d taken, and even described a family event he was planning. When he finally took an interest in my life, I knew my experiment had been a success, and that our patient-doctor relationship was back on track.

I could hardly believe the results myself.

By the time I walked out of his office twenty minutes later, my body was cool, my heart was warm, and although my throat was still killing me, my soul had received a lifetime of medicine for which no prescription was needed.

Since that time, I have used this powerful technique to energetically send love to my younger son when he’s had a tough day and there are no words I can think of that he’d want to hear. I have used it to silently send compassion to my dog, Ginger, who is getting older and struggles to walk. And I have used it to send peace to people I don’t understand and who are clearly in distress.

I figure if invisible energies like X-rays and radio waves are impacting our world, then it’s possible that my thoughts do too.

I shared this story in a social media post last year – and while most people had fun with it, one woman in particular told me that I was “violating the Bible by manipulating people’s energy.” Not knowing how social media worked at that time, I got frazzled and simply deleted her comment.

Let’s just say… that did not go over well! This woman got mad. Really mad. She reposted the same comment and added an extra punch to it.

But I’ve learned a lot since then, and if I could respond all over again, I would simply tell this woman that, “I have never read the Bible, I’m not trying to manipulate anyone, and choosing to energetically send love instead of hate can’t be harmful – ever.”   

In fact, Quantum Physics encourages it! My own experience provides some proof of it. And I guess we’ll only know the larger impact of it all when more of us decide to give it a try.

One last thing you must know: I LOVE this doctor!

Those who know him would say he just had a bad day. Others might think he was in the right the entire time and I was the ignorant one. All I know is that this doctor always accommodates me and my family, and rarely fails to follow up after appointments to see how I’m feeling. And despite all the unexpected drama he threw at me that day, he also gave me this amazing opportunity to test out Quantum Physics for myself and share it with all of you.

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2 thoughts on “No Rx Needed”

  1. Thanks for being patient with doc knowing that his rant had nothing to do with you but with what was going on his head. I loved how you poured love into his heart that created a healing for you both. I will practice your technique.
    Gratitude for you Nikki.


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