My First Psychic Medium Experience

by Nikki Mark

Early last year, I thought long and hard about how to share all that I have learned about healing a broken heart.

“Healing starts on the inside,” I told a close friend one day.  “The more we heal our own hearts, the more we also heal our world.” 

This friend suggested I share with others the alternative healing modalities that have helped me the most.

I took her advice and spent a few months creating an Alternative Healing Toolkit for others in need.

Everyone experiences loss of some kind, I reasoned, thinking back to many of the smaller losses I had stuffed inside of me over the years until the big one hit and forced me to recognize them all.

To my surprise, more than 15,000 people immediately downloaded this toolkit, which filled me with meaning and peace, and also made me curious.

Who are these people? I wondered. What are they going through?  How can my experience best serve them moving forward?

So I asked some of my Toolkit recipients these questions, as well as WHICH healing modality interested them the most. 

Psychic Mediumship was at the very top.

So, let’s take a deeper dive into this popular topic, shall we?

I scheduled my first reading with a medium one week after my son passed away. It not only changed my life, but probably saved it too.

(If you are already a believer…then I hope the following story further validates your own experiences and sense of knowing).

If you don’t believe that some people have an extraordinary ability to connect and communicate with spirits, but you are still curious what a regular person like me with no prior religious or spiritual background discovered about this healing modality…read on!


The morning my 12-year-old son Tommy unexpectedly did not wake up, something deep inside of me felt like he was still here.  His television turned on by itself that day and continued to do so in the months and years that followed.  Lights also started flickering in obvious ways. And my senses cracked open and started seeing, feeling, and hearing things they never had before. 

Even more unusual, perhaps, were my dreams, which seemed to transport me to different places and times when various teachers and ancestors would teach, support, and guide me forward.

I did not understand what was happening to me, and soon wondered if it was possible for a regular person like me (with no prior psychic abilities, religious belief system or spiritual understanding) to learn how to connect with my son’s spirit.  

I didn’t know if spirits really existed or whether it was possible for anyone to communicate with them, but I was increasingly curious and wanted to find out.

I thought back to when I was in my twenties and had learned that my mother had spoken to a medium for her first and only time. She said that that her grandmother’s spirit kept waking her up in the mornings by holding her hand.  This surprised me given I had never heard my mother talk about the afterlife or anything spiritual. A friend of hers promptly suggested she see a medium to find out what her grandmother’s spirit wanted.  When she did, her grandmother came through with a message of love and then never woke her up again.  Even my very skeptical father, who is committed to science and was sitting by her side during the reading, left more of a believer.

My memory of my mother’s first and only medium experience inspired me to try my own.

After Tommy’s funeral, I turned to my best friend from college, the most spiritual and resourceful person I knew, and confided, “I’d like to speak to a medium.” Two days later, she handed me a yellow Post-it and said, “Call Pamela. This is her number. You are scheduled to talk to her later this week on the day and time that I’ve written down for you. She knows your first name. That’s all.”

When I connected with Pamela on the day and time my friend told me to, the first thing she asked me was whether I had lost a son.

“Yes,” I said, both confused and relieved at the same time.

She told me that Tommy was there with us and then proceeded to spend the next sixty minutes giving me intimate details about his personality and life, as well as personal messages he wanted me to receive.

The more she spoke, the lighter I felt.  Sixty minutes flew by like ten. My soul devoured every second and left wanting more. That’s the day “feeling lighter” became my personal gauge to determine whether a particular healing modality was right for me.

Medium and former U.S. Navy commanding officer, Suzanne Giesemann, says in her memoir Messages of Hope that mediums not only serve their clients, but serve “the spirit world just as much.” The idea that my son’s spirit might be benefiting from the experience as much as I was, made me hopeful that love really is eternal and can continue growing.

Renowned medium James Van Praagh has said that when he relays a spirit message to a loved one, “A person’s life is usually changed forever.” Most of the people I know who have seen a good medium, fully agree.  

In fact, my husband has a friend who told him that after twenty years of therapy trying to recover after the loss of his young child, one reading with psychic medium was the only thing that helped him.

With all that said, I have now experienced readings from four different highly respected mediums in a period of almost six years, and I have cross-referenced messages and tested the validity of this practice in my own way. (And yes, even though mediums have unique personalities and communicate messages differently, the ones I have seen have all confirmed similar information past, present and future).

One thing to note:  Psychics are not mediums because they do not connect to loved ones in spirit. Most mediums, however, are also psychics who can connect with your loved ones AND provide insight on specific challenges you may be facing, or overall direction in life.

Even if you haven’t lost someone close to you, you’ll still be surprised how uplifting and informative one good reading from a medium can be.

So, if you are still curious about how psychic mediums work, join me and the very talented Anthony Mrocka for our live discussion on Friday.  I can’t wait to introduce him to all of you!

P.S.  In the meanwhile, if you want additional information on Psychic Mediums, you can still download my toolkit and learn more about this alternative healing modality on pages 11-13. Keep in mind that mediumship is not something for the human mind to judge.  Allow yourself to “feel” if this modality speaks to your soul!

4 thoughts on “My First Psychic Medium Experience”

  1. I’m a little confused with “Psychics are not mediums, they do not connect with loved one in spirit.” But mediums are psychics.

    • Ya- psychics read our energy and help validate the path we are on. Mediums connect with spirits/energy in other realms and communicate messages. Mediums are psychics. But psychics aren’t necessarily mediums. I just did an Instagram Live event with one of my favorite mediums- you can watch the full discussion on Facebook and my Nikki Mark Youtube- highlights on instagram to come later this week

  2. I just saw the notification for this event at 11:00 this morning. Will this be run again, I would love to see it. I am extremely involved with my spirit daily for the last 6 years. I can communicate easily. I’m writing a book regarding my journey also.
    Thank you for the time. If needing to contact me personally I live in Port St Lucie Florida. 954 294 0186. Thank you so much. I’m anxious to dig in to the tool kit.

    • Yes- replay is on Facebook and Nikki Mark Youtube – but I will also send some highlights around via instagram – and perhaps post full version again along with one of my upcoming Sunday blogs. Thanks so much for checking in. It was a really fun and informative Live- I hope you like it!


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