Discover My Healing Journey

by Nikki Mark

My favorite super powerful healing modality?

Being of service!

And so, I created a new website – with tons of great resources – for you.

Throughout my healing journey these past five years,  I discovered that simply by sharing my stories and my personal experience with growth and transformation, I was helping others do the same.

And the best part? It became clear that you don’t have to lose someone you love to benefit from all that I have learned. So much of what I share is universally applicable to ANYONE looking to heal, grow and transform.

Like most upgrades in life, my recovery and growth has been a process. First, I had to find a reason to get out of bed every day. Then I found meaning in serving and honoring. Eventually, I embraced the healing powers of play and found joy and peace in building athletic fields for children that honor my eldest son and unite children of all kinds through the spirit of play.

When I discovered my love of writing and allowed it to pull me forward, it convinced me to explore my voice, share what I have learned, and continue opening my heart and healing it through storytelling.

So earlier this year, I started a weekly blog. Initially, my readers were those who knew me and my family story.

But then, because life demanded that I keep growing, my following did as well. Not only did the number of people signing up to receive my blog articles increase, but my inbox started filling up every day with questions and comments from readers.

I soon realized that by just being myself and sharing all that I’ve learned, I was helping everyday people with everyday problems find the hope and motivation they needed to heal their own hearts and find new meaning in their lives.

So, now I’ve expanded my website to grow with us. I’ve added MORE personal stories. MORE free resources. And MORE alternative ways to heal, grow and transform.

The more I learn, the more I share.

I also took advantage of my messy summer break to write more articles for third party outlets and expand my reach. I am happy to report they have been well-received, so I will also be sharing them with you as they get published.

I’d LOVE to hear what you think, because I’m just getting going!!

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