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by Nikki Mark

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Dear Family and Friends:

I am excited to let you know that I am starting a blog: Healing Hearts From the Inside Out.  Inspired and often guided by my son Tommy who passed away nearly five years ago at the age of 12, this blog is for anyone who has lost, is feeling lost or finds themself in the position to help someone else survive both.

Healing is what I have spent every minute of the last four and a half years doing.   Healing my broken heart. Healing from unimaginable grief. Healing from not only losing someone I love beyond words, but also the person I used to be.

While I do not wish my most transformative experience upon anyone, I do wish for everyone all that I have learned.

One thing I have learned is that to heal our world, we must first be willing to heal ourselves.

Many of you have asked me to share my journey with others in midst of their own personal storms.  I have risen to that call every time, and now hope to serve more people by sharing personal experiences, as well as resources, healer recommendations and personal practices that have helped me find hope, generate purpose and create what I never thought would again be possible…a deeply meaningful and often joyful life.

Thank you for continuing to support me, my family and the TM23 Foundation. Sharing Tommy’s spirit of play and uniting children and adults of all kinds, one “Tommy’s Field” at a time, has been fulfilling and healing.

I hope you will join me on this next phase of my journey, if not for yourself then for others in need.

Stay tuned for my first article coming out this Sunday, 1/29.

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