Hot Off The Press: My Healing Toolkit

by Nikki Mark

Hi Everyone,

During my messy summer break, I created a toolkit of my favorite healing modalities!

The main reason I’ve spent a good chunk of my summer working on this Healing Modalities Toolkit is because I’ve received an increasing number of emails inquiring about my healing journey and asking for more information about personal experiences and recommendations. So, I’ve decided to share my answers with everyone.

I have curated more than five years of research and experiences into this comprehensive guide for the benefit of others also in need of healing and transformation, because aren’t we all in need of healing…at least to some degree?!

Healing is a very personal and sometimes lonely journey. My way will not be your way. But other people’s stories have been invaluable to me, so I am hopeful that personal pieces of my story will help you find your way too.

Not every modality in my toolkit will resonate with you. Feel free to review the table of contents, read what piques your curiosity, and then maybe even try a few out. My hunch is your soul will thank you.

Thank you for your support, and for allowing me to put into practice my most favorite healing modality of all: being of service 🥰

I look forward to hearing what you think about the Toolkit! So much so that I created a “feedback form” to capture your thoughts.

Together let’s make this an incredible resource for anyone who is looking to heal, from the inside out.

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