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Sometimes What Brings Us the Most Pain
Can Also Be the Very Source of Our Greatest Inspiration.

Get the riveting inside story of how Nikki Mark transformed herself and the world around her,
with a little help from the beyond.

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100% of author’s proceeds are being donated
to build more athletic fields in neighborhoods that need them most.



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“Nikki Mark’s inspiring debut
memoir… is a winner.”

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The Story of

Nikki Mark

In 2018, my eldest son Tommy went to sleep one night and never woke up.  We still don’t have a medical reason why.

Without a religious or spiritual background, I fell back on my entrepreneurial experience working for high powered start-up companies in Los Angeles, and I searched for alternative ways to heal my broken heart.

Tommy loved playing soccer. So, my family and our community decided to bring that love to as many children as possible by building a public athletic field in his name for children to play on. It became a drama I never expected.

But we did it.

So I wrote Tommy’s Field to help others learn what I now know about healing from any kind of loss and turning it into magic. It is from my heart to yours.

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“I do not wish my darkest hour upon anyone but I wish for everyone all that I’ve learned.”

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Love, Loss, And The Goal Of A Lifetime


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